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 @9KR4HLHfrom Guarda answered…2mos2MO

Educate on at least all major religions and encourage parents to educate children on their religion

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No role at all, because the rules of certain religions are not suitable in exciting population of Portugal. Portugal has a Catholic religion as base, don't let that decrease.

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None, religion is important when studying history, but despite that, everyone is entitled to their own beliefs, however it should not be forced upon anyone to have them.

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None, I believe everyone can be educated about religion if they want, everyone is entitled to their own beliefs, however it should not be forced uppon anyone to learn or have them

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Religion, especially when tainted by the extremist views propagated by Evangelicalism, must be kept far from the corridors of education. Our schools should be centers of learning, enlightenment, and critical thinking, not indoctrination grounds for narrow-minded religious doctrines.

From a Catholic perspective, Evangelicalism is a deeply troubling departure from the rich and venerable traditions of the Church. The Catholic Church has long been a beacon of knowledge and moral guidance, offering a holistic education that integrates faith with reason and promotes genuine understanding rather than…  Read more


People should be educated on all religions and be allowed to make their own choice of religion, although politics and your rights is a more important topic to be taught.